‘WORK’ を使った10個の日常的表現

10 WORK Expressions in English

  1. over worked

    -> too much work

    ‘over’ は、この場合、 ‘more’ の意

    I hate my job. I am overworked and underpaid. I don’t even get a lunch break because I have too much work.

  2. dirty work



  3. get worked up
    • とても怒っている
    • 怯えて、とてもビクビクしている
    • とても感情的になっている

    You look very angry. Don’t get worked up!

  4. work out
    • エクササイズ
    • (何かの問題に対する)解決策が見つかる

    It will work out.

    = Everything in the end will be good.

  5. work on
    • do work
    • not finish

    I worked on a project all night.

    I worked on these English videos.

  6. work on appetite

    You have worked on appetite.

    = You are very hungry.

  7. workaholic

    -> 仕事中毒者

    英語的には、’work’ + ‘a’ + ‘hol’ + ‘ic’ の4つの ‘syllable(音節)’ に分解できる

    He is a workaholic.



  8. work it

    -> do something confident


    Wow, Debbie is dancing. She looks great. “Work it, Debbie! You look great!”

  9. work someone in

    -> get an appointment

    We are very busy at the doctor’s clinic this afternoon, but I can work you in around 2 pm.

  10. work something out

    -> make an arrengement

    The problem is that the bathroom is too busy in the morning . We need to find a solution.

    We need to work something out.

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