“Book” を使った13の英語表現

13 BOOK Expressions in English

  1. Bookworm

    person who like to read books

    He was a bookworm


    He loved to read.

  2. Hit the books


    I gotta hit the books tonight


    I have to study tonight.

  3. Don’t Judge a book by its cover


    Snails too gross to eat.

  4. To be in someone’s good books

    We use it when we want to say that a person is in someone else’s favor at the moment because they did something good.

    If you’re in someone’s good books, they are pleased with you.

  5. By the book

    follow the rules / follow the instructions

    Police officers should do things by the books.


  6. To book

    make a reserve something / make an appointment

    I booked the meeting room for 3 pm.

  7. Read someone like a book


    My students know I’m angry.

  8. Open book / Close book


    Your thoughts are an open book.

    “Close book” は “Open book” とは反対の意味

  9. To throw the book at someone


    Judge Judy threw the book at me.

  10. Every trick in the book

    I’ve tried every trick in the book to get my students to do their homework.

  11. The oldest trick in the book

    a way of tricking someone which is still effective although it has been used a lot before

    カンニングの答えを腕に書いておくのは、”The oldest trick in the book” だ

  12. In my book

    In my opinion

    She is very kind in my book.

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